School Break Camps

Looking for something to keep the kids busy on Holiday break?  Teels is offering the solution – Holiday Hitting and Defense clinics.  Give your slugger the opportunity to replace some Netflix and video game hours with batting practice and grounders.

Attend both clinics or choose one individually. By choosing both you’ll get a discounted rate and nine total hours of training.  That’s a solid amount of practice time and, while they’re at Teels,  you can tackle that to-do list before New Year’s Eve.

Clinic Overview

  • Hitting Clinic:   Teel’s hitting philosophy is instructed while players participate in activities and drills.  Front toss, live batting practice and hitting games allow hitters to put concepts into action.
  • Defense Clinic:  The setup and approach are similar to the clinic’s offensive counterpart. Players will receive fielding instruction to best advise them in their gold glove pursuit.   Grounders off of the bat, line drills and  “pancake gloves” are all used to improve defense while having some fun.

Gift these popular clinics to your ballplayer and make their holiday even happier.

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  • Holiday Break Camp
    • The holiday break away from school is the perfect time for your player to practice! The Holiday Hitting/Defense Clinics are two five-day programs designed for players aged 7-12. In the hitting clinic, instructors focus on the consistency of the swing, and in the defense clinic, players are taught how to field a ball, and be prepared to play effective defense. Each clinic is taught one after the other so your player can choose to benefit from both practices. Teels Holiday Break camp is a fun and beneficial way to practice important baseball skills.
    • 2018 Christmas Holiday Flyer
  • Martin Luther King Day
    • Teels hosts a one day holiday baseball and softball clinic on Martin Luther King Day. The Program is 2 hours, and is designed for players ages 7 and up. The program will cover hitting mechanics, catching and receiving, infield and outfield play, and base running and throwing.
    • 2019 MLK Flyer
  • President’s Week
    • The Crush Hitting Clinic during President’s Week is one of the most popular and effective camps at Teels Baseball. Instructors help players with perfecting stance and swing, and work to improve overall consistency. This camp features over 7 hours of batting practice, which is sure to have your player prepared for baseball tryouts. This program is designed separately for high school players, and players ages 8-12. The high school program runs from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and the younger players from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    • 2019 Presidents Week Clinic
  • March Madness
    • Teels March Madness Baseball and Softball camps are designed to help catchers and infielders practice their skills. Catchers will learn the proper skills to be an effective catcher, and repetition on receiving, blocking, footwork and throwing will help prepare each player for the upcoming season. Infielders will learn the meaning of “fielding with your feet,” and will work on double plays, slow rollers, relays, glove side, and backhands. The program is designed for players ages 8-12, and is one month long. The sessions for catchers take place on Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. and for infielders at 11:30 to 12:45 p.m., and each program is directed by the leaders of Teels well-known programs
    • 2019 March Madness Flyer
  • Easter/Spring Break
    • N/A