Top Gun Pitching

Top Gun is Teels off-season pitching program developed and directed by Thomas Atlee, a Chicago Cubs draft-pick in 2002, and a member of their organization until 2007. His experience and expertise have helped him craft this intense program. The program includes 50 hours of training: 25 hours of pitching, and 25 hours of baseball-specific conditioning, and strength training.

The Pitching program includes:

  • Mechanics
  • Strike Zone Management
  • Pitching Efficiency
  • Situational Pitching

In the pitching program, a video evaluation to watch progress is used at the initial, midway, and final points of the program. Additionally, players will receive a grading sheet that consists of professional written evaluations, and is used by professional scouts.

The Conditioning program includes:

  • Pre-hab (preventative conditioning and shoulder maintenance)
  • Joint Integrity
  • Weight and Resistance Training
  • Core Training
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Nutritional program

The program is 2 times a week and 2 hours each day on Mondays and Fridays or Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Monday/Friday schedule runs from November 18th to February 27th, and the Tuesday/Saturday schedule runs from November 19th to February 28th.

Register by phone, fax or by filling out the flyer below: 

P: 201-670-4047 | F: 201-670-4008

2017-2018 Top Gun Pitching Program Flyer

2018 Top Gun Velocity Throwing Program Flyer