Catching School

The fraternity of Catching is a special club!  Membership has to be earned.

Teels baseball has a deep understanding of this and the catcher’s position respectively. Our elite Tools of Intelligence catching program provides marquee instruction, strategic progression and tireless repetition to help young backstops become invaluable defensive commodities.

Camp Director and lead Instructor Garett Teel brings his many years of experience as a professional catcher and catching coach with the Dodgers to TOI.  Coach Teel’s program design centers on a few key points.

  • Improving existing skills
  • Teaching advanced technique in simplistic and executable ways
  • Dispelling the myths of a, often times, poorly taught position
  • Having a great experience during a vigorous workout
  • Preparing for the upcoming season

Catchers work together under the close eye of instructors as the progression of the program covers all aspects of the position.  Receiving, soft hands, throwing, pitch presentation, footwork to all bases and blocking are some of the skills that will be practiced repetitively.  Put simply,  the sheer number of caught baseballs, provided by an efficient camp set-up utilizing numerous pitching machines, allows players to get their work in on a weekly basis putting them leaps and bounds ahead of their peers.

Every 2 hour and 30 minute session is designed to give each player a great workout in preparation for the upcoming spring season.

Each session consists of 1 1/2 hour of catching and 1 hour of sports conditioning, specifically for catchers. This program is 15 weeks, totaling over 23 hours of training, combined with 15 hours of baseball-specific conditioning and agility training.

Program Director: Garett Teel
Conditioning: Next Generation Training Center, Rich Mejias

Register by phone or fax.  P: 201-670-4047 | F: 201-670-4008

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2019 TOI Summer Catchers Camp Ages 8 & Up

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