Headstart Program

Teels Head Start Program utilizes professional instruction, hands on drills and fun games to create the perfect environment for your (7-12) year old’s off-season training.

Head Start takes an exciting approach to the foundations of the game.  Engaging our young players is key.  Whether it’s a throwing competition, hitting game or base-to-base sprints with a big finish on the sliding mat, your son or daughter will feel accomplished and enthusiastic while learning the essentials.

  • Hitting:  Our coaching staff facilitates tee work, front toss and live batting practice.  These drills solidify the offensive lesson of the week.  Safety is paramount when it comes to hitting stations and our programs overall.
  • Fielding:  Repetition is King while honing one’s defense.  We’ll teach your future all-star the right way to make every rep count.  Fielder’s triangle, fielding with your feet, grounders off of the bat and “coach roll” are all staples in our defensive repertoire.
  • Throwing:  Power position is taught to maximize arm strength with emphasis on accuracy.  Also, the importance of having a controlled catch with a teammate is highlighted.  This is an undervalued lesson despite the difficulties players of all levels have simply playing catch.
  • Base-running and sliding:  Offering some of the most energetic program moments, Head Start’s running and sliding stations offer a great combination of raucous fun and important coaching.  Techniques are taught with specific focus on safe sliding and running.

Our coaching staff is second to none with the ability to work with any skill level.  So, whether you’re a baseball fanatic, casual pinch hitter or giving it a first try, Head Start is a great fit.

The program takes place in two seasons:  Fall and Winter/Spring.  It takes place on Saturdays, and each session is 4 weeks, 2 hours per week. The schedule dates are as follows:

Register by phone 201-670-4047!

View Program flyer below for schedule and dates:

2021 Fall Headstart Flyer

2022 Winter/Spring Headstart Flyer



2020 Fall Saturdays: Session 1 – 9:00 -11:00am  Session 2 – 12:30-2:30

Session 3 – 3:00 – 5:00pm

Session #1
Session #2
Session #3


2021Winter/Spring Saturdays, *see flyer below for time slots
Session #1
Session #2
Session #3
Session #4