Soft Hands Fielding

Repetition is only effective if you’re reps are done properly.  For example, taking hundreds of grounders is great if done the right way every time.  At Teel’s Soft Hands Infield clinic,  we equip our players with the mechanics to always make it agood rep and we teach them how to turn that practice into a distinction of the most reliable glove on the field.

Led by experienced instructors, infielders are trained to not only understand, but to feel, what“soft hands” means.   The fluid rhythm of the session breaks things down to lessons, drills and repetition.

Some goals and clinic focus revolve around the following.

  • Improving existing skills while having a vigorous workout
  • The importance of soft hands and footwork working in concert
  • Teaching advanced technique in simplistic and executable ways
  • Fielding with your feet
  • Preparing for the upcoming season

With exercises in throwing strength/accuracy, run downs, 2-man drills, backhands, glove side rolls and ground balls off of the bat your player will have every opportunity to achieve their goals at their respective position.

Sure handed players are a rarity and often under appreciated with offense grabbing the spotlight.  Don’t get us wrong, a great bat is ideal, but a great glove will keep you in the field with the game on the line.

Each 2 hour and 15 minute session consists of 1 hour and 15 minutes of infielding/drills and 1 hour of sports conditioning specifically for Infielders. This program is 15 weeks totaling 19 hours of training combined with 15 hours of baseball-specific conditioning and agility training.

Program Directors: Mike Lamitola
Conditioning: Next Generation Training Center, Rich Mejias

Register by phone, fax or by filling out the flyer below:

P: 201-670-4047 | F: 201-670-4008

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