Team Training

Comprehensive team training is a specialty of Teels, with consistent and successful training of New Jersey’s top High School baseball and softball teams, year after year.

The training begins with a Head Coach meeting to construct a game plan for your team. The discussion includes evaluations of each individual player, and how to best work with their strengths, and improve upon their weaknesses. Further emphasis will be placed on your pitchers to ensure they are fully-prepared on opening day. Teels becomes an extension of the team’s coach, accommodating the team’s needs, and making suggestions to build upon stability and success.

Team Training can be done at any time throughout the year. For high school teams, training usually occurs during the winter months, specifically January through March 1st. For club teams, training continues on through to April 1st.

For thorough team training, this program can be combined with the Next Generation Training Center to be sure that players are fully-physically conditioned. NGTC offers the best possible athletic planning and programming, designed by Rich Mejias, one of the most sought-after trainers in New Jersey. With all of these resources combined, teams will be well on their way to a championship season.