Top Gun Pitching

Nearly a decade after its inception The Top Gun Pitching Program continues to prepare and improve the performance, velocity, arm health, mental fortitude, baseball IQ and accountability of our pitchers.

“This is a result based program designed for a result based sport.”…..T. Atlee

Our primary objective is to achieve a healthier motion guaranteeing improved results in command, action, and velocity. We will focus on improving our motion through several phases of mechanics based routines dedicated to improving velocity and execution on game-day. We will be recording various types of data throughout the program that will assist in the personalization for each individual as well as to help gauge progress (examples: Video, Radar Gun, Spin/Rotation data). We will also incorporate strength and flexibility routines to help promote a stronger support system for our pitchers arm in order to withstand the workload for the upcoming season.

We will address the mental approach to pitching through routines focusing on: approach to preparation and making adjustments between games, methodology to facing and reading hitters, strike zone management, how to use pitches more effectively and improving overall in-game management. Accountability and ownership is paramount to pitchers reaching their individual goals. Every aspect of this program centers on this. We will constantly emphasize the importance of setting goals, making a plan to achieve them, and taking the actions to make it happen. Learning to use one’s focus and determination in order to turn failure into success is the keystone to all future progress.

The cumulative result of this program is that each of our guys show significant improvement in all areas of their game. If the pitcher is truly all in and works this program to their best ability, then you can absolutely expect these results to be there.

Bullet Points:

  • Mechanics – Healthier motion to facilitate the desired gains in all areas of this program
  • Velocity – Sustained gains through velocity based routines and improved mechanics
  • Command – Strike zone management and pitching efficiency
  • Action – Improved ability to manipulate movement and deception with each pitch
  • Situational Routines – Designed to focus on the mental aspects of “Game Management”
  • Evaluations – Use of video and other data to pinpoint areas of focus and gauge progress

Next Generation Bullet Points:

  • Flexibility – Improved joint integrity allowing the joints to move more efficiently
  • Mobility – Improving the overall movement of the body in order to access more powerful performance
  • Strength – Posterior chain, posterior capsule of the shoulder, core, legs
  • Nutrition – Meal plans and guidance to help fuel the body properly and support performance

Register by phone, fax or by filling out the flyer below: 

P: 201-670-4047 | F: 201-670-4008

2018-2019 Top Gun Pitching Program Flyer