Top Gun Pitching

Over a decade after its inception The Top Gun Pitching Program continues to prepare and improve the performance, velocity, arm health, mental fortitude, baseball IQ and accountability of our pitchers.

“This is a result based program designed for a result based sport.”…..T. Atlee

TOP GUN 2020/2021


The Top Gun Pitching Program is a data and science driven, membership based program designed to offer all necessary pitching related training to all Teels Pitchers. Top Gun Creator, Tom Atlee, is active in research on performance enhancement, velocity building and injury prevention with several Major League Baseball medical personnel and coaches. This research is behind all training programs used by the highest level pitchers in the game, and is used in the design, structure and execution of The Top Gun Program that is being offered to you.


Through your membership in the Top Gun Program you will receive assessments of both your pitching and your physical strengths and limitations during the course of the program. These assessments will be used by our staff to design your individualized program as well as to make adjustments during the course of your membership. Your program will follow proper periodization methods; placing health as the top priority and the catalyst for sustainable improvements in velocity and performance.

Top Gun Pitching – Focal  Points

Arm Care

  •  Proper Stretching and active warm-up routine
  •  Exercises targeting your Rotator Cuff,  Scap, Thoracic Spine, Lats, Flexor  and Pronator Mass, etc  Mechanics
  •  Video Analysis Based On Bio-mechanics
  •  Med Ball Routines Targeting Kinetic Chain
  •  Drills To Teach You To Use Your Body For Power And To Better Support Your Arm

Performance Enhancement

  •    Velocity Training Through Med Ball Routines, Long Toss, Pull Downs,  Mound Buildups
  •    Use Of Rapsodo ( For Pitch Shaping Through Analysis Of Horizontal And Vertical Break, Spin Efficiency, Spin Axis, Release Point Data, etc

Pitching Efficiency

  •    Mound Routines Focusing On Mental Approach, In Game Strategies,  Reading Hitters, Situational Pitching, Making Simple Adjustments, Game Management, etc

TEELS Performance Training Center – Focal Points

Strength              Age/Skill Appropriate Routines To Develop More Power Through Gains In Muscle Mass

Flexibility           Improved Joint Integrity Allowing The Joints To Move More Efficiently

Mobility               Improving The Overall Movement Of Your Body To Facilitate Improved Power And                                                      Athleticism

Nutrition             Guidance On Proper Meal Planning To Fuel Your Gains and Optimize Performance

MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: Each Member Will Receive A T-Shirt

Rookie                  – 1 Month Package = 4 Pitching Sessions + 4 Gym Sessions (1 Ea Per Week)          $550

Single A               – 3 Month Package =  12 Pitching Sessions + 12 Gym Sessions (1 Ea Per Week)    $1400

Double A             – 25 Pitching Sessions + 25 Gym Sessions (2 Ea Per Week)                                            $2200

Triple  A               – 38 Pitching Sessions + Unlimited Gym Sessions (3 Pitching Sessions Per Week)             $3000

MLB                       – 1-1 Programming w Tom Atlee. Please Email Tom Directly For More Information.

SCHEDULING: Each Member Can Come To Any Open Time Slot Below. There Are No Restrictions On How Long You May Stay Each Day.  After signing up, you will receive an email from Thomas Atlee with instructions and a link for Google Docs. All scheduling will be done through Google Docs.  Additional Time Slots May Be Added. Starts November. There Will Be Off Days For Holidays.

                PITCHING TIME SLOTS                   GYM TIME SLOTS

Monday-             4-7pm                                                   5-8pm

Tuesday-             5-8pm                                                  5-9pm

Wednesday-      5-8pm                                                   5-9pm

Thursday-            OFF                                                      5-7pm

Friday-                  4-6pm                                                  5-7pm

Saturday-            10am – 1pm                                      11am – 2pm

Sunday-               10am – 1pm                                      11am – 2pm

Register by phone. Please see the flyer below: 

2021-2022 NEW Top Gun Pitching Program Flyer Membership and Scheduling

P: 201-670-4047 | F: 201-670-4008