Velocity Throwing Program  Ages 13 & Up

Velocity Program for Position Players

An initiative for arm care and arm speed tailored specifically for Position players

With the enormous success and proven effectiveness of the Top Gun Pitching Program we’ve developed a program based on one simple fact.

“Position players throw just as much as pitchers do, without as many day’s rest. “ ….T. Atlee

Through mechanics and velocity improving routines we work toward bolstering arm health and increasing arm strength. The collective elements of our progressive routine train the kinetic chain to be more explosive through its proper patterning (mechanics). Drills utilize medicine balls (lower body), weighted balls and game time baseballs. We do not believe in using unnecessarily heavy weighted balls, nor will we be encouraging the types of unhealthy use of weighted balls overwhelmingly and dangerously practiced on social media. The weights being used will be 3 through 6 oz. An official league baseball is 5 oz. Each weight serves a purpose that will be explained thoroughly to maximize arm safety and effectiveness.

Initially, drills are mechanics based with the goal of improving strength and stamina. Progressively drills become increasingly explosive forcing the body to move faster while maintaining its healthy motion. Long-toss is used to help lengthen out the motion while adding arm strength and stamina. We will also incorporate shoulder exercises to improve health, strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Ultimately this program focuses on the athlete’s body as a whole in regard to throwing and not simply the arm.  The body is amazing at adapting to what it feels; once the body realizes it is capable of generating more arm speed, the kinetic chain adapts and becomes able to repeat that arm speed.

  • Mechanics – Healthier motion to facilitate the desired gains in all areas of this program
  • Velocity – Sustained gains through velocity based routines and improved mechanics
  • Evaluations – Use of radar guns and other data to pinpoint areas of focus and gauge progress
  • Flexibility – Improved joint integrity allowing the joints to move more efficiently
  • Mobility – Improving the overall movement of the body in order to access more powerful performance
  • Strength – Posterior chain, posterior capsule of the shoulder, core

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2018 Velocity Throwing Program